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Play Trail Marker Bingo

  • To start, click the "Add bingo card" button.

  • Each bingo card contains the artwork that is posted on trail intersection markers for 2 or 3 areas in Carlisle, MA.

  • You'll need to walk at least 2 of the areas listed on the top of the bingo card.

  • As you pass the artful trail intersection markers, check them off on your bingo card.

  • You win when you get 5 in a row: across, down, or diagonal.

  • You can add as many bingo cards as you want. For example, if multiple players are sharing one phone, you could add one bingo card for each player.

  • Swipe left and right or use the pagination controls below the cards to navigate between cards.

  • The trail markers feature nature-themed artwork created by students in the Carlisle Public School's Middle School Art Club under the direction of teacher Rachel Levy.

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