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Founded in 1960, the Carlisle Conservation Foundation (CCF) is a private, non-profit organization founded for the benefit of everyone who enjoys the natural beauty and rural character that defines Carlisle, Massachusetts. Our mission is to preserve and protect suitable open spaces for wildlife habitat and passive recreation, and to preserve open vistas; to promote responsible land use that supports the long-term health of our ecosystems; and to foster understanding of conservation of our land, forests, water, and wildlife in their natural habitats through community education and outreach.
CCF, is a private independent organization separate from town government, run by a board of volunteers and supported by donations. CCF raises funds and works through volunteers to advocate, encourage, and facilitate open space preservation in partnership with diverse constituencies. Over the past 60+ years, CCF has acquired 228 acres and has assisted in negotiating or holds the conservation restrictions on 416 more acres. CCF remains committed to maintaining, managing, and monitoring this valuable protected space in perpetuity.

CCF is familiar with the challenges facing our town today, including a decline in agricultural activity, shrinking wildlife habitats, threats to our water supply, impacts of affordable housing obligations, and more. With the help of our generous donors and supporters, CCF is in a unique position to counterbalance some of these challenges by working with private landowners and other entities to protect land and open space. Integral to these efforts is an emphasis on community outreach, partnership, and education. To this end, CCF works with schools to support topics related to conservation, collaborates with town organizations like the Trails Committee and Conservation Commission to collaborate on critical issues and fund trail improvements, and offers community activities to foster greater understanding and awareness of the natural habitat that surrounds us. 

Education and Outreach

Education & Outreach

CCF invites visitors of all ages to appreciate the natural resources in Carlisle with hands-on experiences and education.

Through nature walks, discussions, and community events, CCF engages with schools, families, and individuals to promote an understanding of the unique ecosystems in Carlisle and the significance of preserving open space. We encourage everyone who enjoys our natural resources to understand the importance of conservation and actively participate in safeguarding our town's natural heritage.

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