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CCF Directors

Alan Ankers
Marty Blue
Alex Chen
Tim Fredette
David Freedman
Peg Gladstone
Kelly Guarino
Heidi Harring
Amanda Hickman
Steve Hinton

John Keating
Diana Kolstad
Joe Lerner
Rick Oches
Steve Spang
Steve Tobin
Diane Troppoli

P.O. Box 300
Carlisle, MA 01741

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Directors and Officers 2022-2023
All Residents of Carlisle, MA 01741

Board Members listed below with year they joined the board followed by end of their current term.
If you wish to reach any of the directors, please email a request.


Alan Ankers (2011/2023)
Pheasant Hill Lane

Marty Blue (2019/2025)
- Clerk
Buttrick Lane

Alex Chen (2018/2024)
Curve Street

Dan Cook (2022/2025)
Cross Street

Jonathan DeKock (2022/2025)
Oak Knoll Road

Tim Fredette (2021/2024)
Acton Street

Peg Gladstone (2009/2024)
Curve Street

Kelly Guarino (2017/2023)
- President
Maple Street

Heidi Harring (1999/2023)
West Street


Amanda Hickman (2019/2025)
Concord Street

Steve Hinton (1999/2023)
- Vice President
East Street

Diana Kolstad(2020/2023)
- Treasurer
Concord Street

Joe Lerner (2021/2024)
Acton Street

Melinda Lindquist (2022/2025)
Acton Street

Rick Oches (2020/2023)
Rockland Road

Steve Tobin (2009/2024)
Partridge Lane

Diane Troppoli (2021/2024)
Westford Street



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